American soldiers board LCVPs in Weymouth

American soldiers board LCVPs at pier in Weymouth, county of Dorset, England, prior to D-Day, during World War II

Landing craft ferry Allied troops from pier in English port as they prepare for invasion of France during World War II. Two United States Coastguardsmen pose with members of British Women’s Royal Navy Services (WRENS). Some British soldiers seated in a park with civilians on benches in the background. LCVPs ( Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel) tied up at the pier in Weymouth, Dorset. American soldiers are assisted by US Coastguardsmen as they board LCVPs, which pull away from the pier as they are filled (ferrying troops out to transport ships). Several Landing Craft Infantry (Large) are seen in the port, including LCI(L)s 494, 92, and 490. View of Weymouth from a boat flying a green flag, in the bay. Location: England. Date: June 4, 1944.

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